They Want My Soul is a ‘pearl of an album in a string of them’

  • Title They Want My Soul
  • Artist Spoon
  • Label Universal
  • Rating 3/4
  • Year 2014

There comes a time when one decides one no longer needs to hear any more new music – got enough, thank you – and retires to a life soundtrack or other records missed along the way. I can imagine that day happening, but then the thought of new Spoon music snaps me back to sense.

The Brit Daniel-led Texas quintet makes economical rock-styled pop at a level of cleverness and musical charisma rivalled only by Alex Turner’s Arctic Monkeys and [insert your favourite band here].

They Want My Soul is a pearl of an album in a string of them from Spoon, a disc markedly more radiant than its excellent 2010 predecessor, Transference. Guitars are tightly strummed and lyrics are non-committal as usual, but a glassy keyboard state of affairs is a fresh touch.

The lone weak track is New York Kiss, a romantic and musical flashback to the 1980s in which Daniel reminisces fondly before realizing “now it’s another place, a place your memory owns.” So don’t go there. More to come, always.

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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